From cutting boards to bottle openers, these wares are as essential and conspicuous as the kitchen sink. Seeking to enhance your counter space, not clutter it - they are as striking to look at as they are functional to use.


These pens are destined to write the great American novel, craft winning closing arguments and sign bills into law. Hand-crafted with excruciating care, your future with these trusty pens at your side is secure with refillable ink cartridges.


Wood is both reliable & beautiful - that's why we love it. A well-made wooden bowl has strength to hold the things we cherish, is bold enough to draw the eye and brings warmth into spaces with color. These bowls are art overflowing with function.


Simple. Versatile. Essential.


It’s my belief that one should want a tool as much as one needs it. These wares are essential to any well-equipped kitchen, as their beauty is only enhanced by their utility.



Beauty is in the eye of the pen holder


Each pen is turned by hand - a detailed process that relies on precision, planning, and patience so that every piece is truly unique. I use a variety of exotic woods, mixing colors and curves for visually stunning and ergonomically surprising results.



Hold the things we cherish


For me, creating a seemingly simple item like a bowl is the most organic and labor intensive form of wood turning. The process of shaping wood on a lathe heavily relies on feel, design and focus. It's versatile and challenging but rewarding. I harvest local wood from lumber when I can from start to finish. Most of my bowls are local maples, walnuts, fir, spruce & ash.